Bruce Jenner: Why the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Patriarch Finally Spoke Up

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Bruce Jenner has reportedly realized he is transgender for about 50 years. What finally prompted the Keeping Up With the Kardashians patriarch to break his silence and acknowledge his sexuality? Bruce Jenner was married three times and fathered a total of six children throughout his married years. What was the catalyst that told him it was time to reveal that he's transgender?

"He had enough of trying to fool himself and others," a source close to the 65-year-old tells People magazine. "Once he realized he was done taking a backseat in his own life, he knew it was time to be honest with himself."

Coming to that point in his life was extremely difficult for the former Olympian, however.

"He suffered from feeling a lot of shame about this for a lot of years," the source says. "Just recently, to see a growing acceptance for transgender people. It lifted a tremendous burden off him in terms of feeling alone."

Another big factor in Bruce Jenner sharing his secret was the end of his marriage to Kris Jenner.

"She was in charge, and he was just along for the ride," the source shares. "It made him feel like he didn't have to worry so much about his identity, who he was."

It is plain for anyone who ever watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians to see that Bruce Jenner has long taken a backseat to Kris Jenner.

It was apparently about three years ago, when son Brandon Jenner got married, that Bruce decided he could no longer live a lie.

"He had enough of letting other people dictate how he was going to live," the source says.

Bruce Jenner's decision hasn't been without considerable pain, however. He is no doubt relieved to know that all of his children support him in this change.

"He seems happy that he can live his life the way he feels he's intended to," a family source shared with People. "His kids all love him very much and would do anything for him."

Hopefully that support continues in the months to come. Bruce Jenner will no doubt endure some pain in his transition from a male to a female. Not everyone will understand the reason behind his change. During those times he will need to rely on his children and his closest friends more than ever.

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