Bruce Jenner Reportedly Meets with Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim About Sex Change Plans; Wants His Own Show

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Bruce Jenner has been dodging rumors about whether or not he is in the middle of some sort of gender transition for a while. Most of the time they are just based on small things like his wearing a ponytail or Spanx under his clothes.

But sometimes there seem to be further indications. First came his esophageal shave, a procedure that lowers the profile of a man’s Adam’s apple. This is a common surgical procedure among men who are transitioning to life as a female. He has also been seen wearing nail polish, with a French manicure, and a pair of diamond stud earrings.

All of this, even taken together, does not add up to “sex change in the making.” Kris Jenner and Bruce’s own mother have laughed off the idea that Bruce wants to be a woman, but rumors have persisted.

Now Star Magazine is quoting an inside source that says Bruce is ready to pull the trigger, and has talked to his family about it.

This source says that Jenner has met with step-daughters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian to tell them his plans.

“He felt it was time to be honest with the older girls and explain his desire to become more feminine,” the source told Star.

Jenner reportedly has not spoken with his own younger daughters Kylie and Kendall Jenner about the topic yet. “He will tell them in his own way when the time is right,” the source said.

And the source adds that the older Kardashian girls were supportive of Jenner’s wishes.

“They told him they support him no matter what, and they always will,” said the source. "And they joked that he can borrow their clothes anytime!”

But Star says Jenner’s plans go even further.

“He wants his own reality show, chronicling his transformation into a woman,” their source says. “He thinks that a sensitive show, where he is honest about the wonderful changes he’s gone through, would be truly groundbreaking — and a huge change from the staged, game shows he’s had to do with the family in the past.”

Well, if you’re going to go through a gender transition in front of flashing cameras anyway, you might as well make millions from it. But that’s all a big “If,” isn’t it?

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