Bruce Jenner Not Drunk In Fatal Car Crash

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Bruce Jenner survived a pile-up involving four cars on a Malibu coastal road that killed one woman.

Bruce Jenner was headed north in his Cadillac SUV when he struck a Lexus that had just hit a Prius.

The collision caused by Bruce Jenner's vehicle resulted in the Lexus being pushed into oncoming traffic.

It was then that the Lexus was hit head-on by a Hummer.

The woman in the Lexus, Kim Howe, 69, of Calabasas, California, was pronounced dead at the scene. According to reports, five people were taken to the hospital from the accident, but Bruce Jenner walked away unharmed.

Bruce Jenner was very cooperative with authorities at the scene.

He a took a field sobriety test and then voluntarily submitted a blood sample to make sure they knew that he was sober at the time of the accident.

"He did not appear intoxicated or under the influence of anything at the time," Sheriff's Sgt. Philip Brooks said of Bruce Jenner.

However, authorities will likely be checking Bruce Jenner's phone records, along with those of all the other drivers involved, to make sure a phone call or text didn't cause the accident.

That can be hard to prove, but Sgt. Brooks said there is a way to determine whether or not it is a possibility.

"The problem is pinpointing the time of the accident," Brooks said. "If the accident occurred at 12:05 and 30 seconds, or 12:05 and 40 seconds, if you hung up before that, that's useless information."

Paparazzi caught the whole thing in pictures because they were following Bruce Jenner.

Jenner started a feeding frenzy when he recently began to change his appearance to a more feminine look. He did this in the midst of rumors that he was going to undergo a transformation from male to female.

Since then, the paparazzi have been a major presence in the life of Bruce Jenner.

There have been many instances of reckless paparazzi driving carelessly while following celebrities.

However, the Sgt. Brooks said it doesn't look like the paparazzi is to blame in this case.

"Being a celebrity, he is often followed by paparazzi. He was aware of that, and it doesn't appear he took any evasive action to avoid the paparazzi," Brooks said.

What do you think about the deadly car crash involving Bruce Jenner?

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