Bruce Jenner Cancels Surgery to Flatten Adam's Apple

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For the past couple days, former Olympic Gold medalist Bruce Jenner has been caught up in the media's clutches due to the leak of his intentions to have yet another cosmetic operation.

However, this time around, he seemed to stir up more speculation than he probably bargained for given the nature of the operation. Instead of a nose job, this time he opted for trachea surgery.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has even went on record saying, “I just never like my trachea.”

So, Jenner's statement only validates the most recent claim about his recent medical decision. According to TMZ, Jenner visited a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for the second time last week for a medical consultation for a trachea operation. Sources also confirmed that Jenner actually scheduled to have the procedure done Wed., Dec. 18. Jenner also scheduled to have yet another nose job done.

The procedure, which is commonly referred to as a Laryngeal Shave, is performed to smooth the bulging of the male Adam's apple. The allegation sent the media into an abrupt firestorm, as the procedure commonly one of the first steps toward male gender reassignment.

Jenner immediately went under fire, as some speculate that he has underlying intentions behind opting for such a cosmetic change. Although Jenner informed TMZ last week that the nose job was simply to remove scar tissue due to his recent cancer removal procedure, the trachea procedure still raised brows. 

So, after the big media stir, sources have stated that Jenner consulted with his family and announced that he would be cancelling the procedure. However, since the doctor's office is actually accused of leaking Jenner's information, it's only safe to assume that he will proceed with the surgery. But, that particular office definitely won't be conducting the operation.

Only time will tell what Bruce Jenner's true intentions are!

Image via Wikimedia Commons | Bruce Jenner

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