Bruce Jenner and Kris Officially Split

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This story has been going around for months, even years, and reports show that the Jenner split is official. Bruce and Kris Jenner our favorite reality television couple, have announced that the split is real but that a divorce is not the next step.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashian heads of household, or in the case “households”, being that Bruce has permanently moved into their Malibu home, have been the top talk within gossip rags and trashy blogs along with Kimye (Kim and Kanye) and Khlomar (Khloe and Lamar). The Jenners, who are splitting after 22 years, share two children together; Kyndal and Kylie Jenner.

Anyone who watched a few episodes of this current season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (9th season to be exact) would be privy to the tension and complications that lie within their very public relationship. To be a bit more frank, anyone who watched any season of Keeping Up would be familiar with the relationship between the Olympic athlete and the full-time self-proclaimed "momager".

This current season has gone more into depth regarding the relationship between Bruce’s children and their step-mom, Kris. Most reports claim that it has much to do with Bruce’s laid back demeanor and Kris’s control freak ways. In a past episode, The adult Jenner and Kardashian children met up to create an alliance in an effort to build Bruce a golf course. Indeed, it sounds and was completely ridiculous, but it was just one example from the show that displayed Bruce being passive and his sons, and even the Kardashian women, feeling the need to stand up for him. Also, in a past season we saw Khloe and Kim trying to team up with Bruce, 63, in an effort to get his credit card back from Kris, 57.

Yes, these events may have been set up for television but we have to admit, this seems to be a bit more than a persona of both Bruce and Kris. It appears that their relationship may be exactly what it seems.

It has also been asserted that Bruce isn't into the Hollywood life and he’s happier in Malibu away from the paparazzi that plague his family.

If the two do decide to file for divorce, there is no prenuptial agreement and there may be $125 million at stake. Here’s to hoping this doesn't get messy.

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