Brooklyn Decker Says She's Not A Successful Model

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Although she's mostly known for modeling, 26 year old Brooklyn Decker has been getting closer and closer to becoming a full-time actress, and recently she scored a major role on CBS's new sitcom Friends With Better Lives.

In an interview with the Daily News, the blonde beauty said she's glad that acting is working out for her these days, because she never was a successful model, despite what people may think.

Decker pointed to the fact that Sports Illustrated liked to work with her, but besides that, it was difficult for her to get work.

"Sports Illustrated loved me, but I wasn't that successful in the modeling business," she said. "I went a lot of months without any jobs."

In addition, Decker said she almost didn't get the role in Friends With Better Lives, because casting thought she didn't have an old enough look. "Last year was my first pilot season," she said.

"It's kind of crazy. They say you're too young for this role, but maybe there's another character you could do. Then I finally got this show and we shot it and then you don't know if it's going to get picked up. So you wait and wait and wait again, and finally I got the phone call."

Some might be surprised that the 5'9" model has such good comedic timing, but Decker says she's always been a fan of comedy and wanting to be funny in front of the camera is nothing new for her.

"I set out to go into acting," she said. "And this show is great, because I love comedy...I don't know if I was considered funny when I was growing up...People who have known me for a while would always be really surprised when I would, like, tell a dirty joke."

On the show, Decker's character, Jules, will be entangled in a serious relationship with the character Lowell--played by Rick Donald--and she says her and Jules have plenty in common.

"We're both huge cheerleaders for our friends," Decker explained. "We love our friends. I don't think it's at all strange that these people would spend all their time with each other....When we aren't in L.A., we live in Texas, and I can totally relate to that open-door policy. We always have people staying for the weekend."

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