Brooklyn Beckham Gets Upstaged By Dad

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Brooklyn Beckham got his bubble popped by his famous, and apparently more popular, dad, David Beckham.

As one of the most famous 16-year-olds on the planet, and sporting parents David and Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham was happy to boast about getting one million followers on Instagram on Friday.

In a hilarious video posted by Brooklyn Beckham, he tries so hard to play it cool.

Brooklyn Beckham tries to smolder and hide his excitement, but is clearly jazzed to be announcing that he has passed the million follower milestone.

Until Brooklyn Beckham's moment is ruined by his daddy, who reminds Brooklyn that he has 52 million followers.

Reached 1 million followers on my mums birthday. Thank u guys so much #ismydadcoolerthanme

A video posted by Brooklyn Beckham (@brooklynbeckham) on

Well, Brooklyn Beckham may not be as cool as his dad yet, but he is certainly on his way to coming into his own.

On Thursday, Brooklyn Beckham attended the Burberry's London in LA fashion event and got to rub elbows with some of society's best and most glamorous. He apparently got his mom (or mum, if you will), Victoria Beckham, to snap pictures of him with various big names for posterity.

Brooklyn Beckham then proceeded to post lots of those shots to Instagram.

With the coolest godfather @eltonjohn

A photo posted by Brooklyn Beckham (@brooklynbeckham) on

So nice to see cara @caradelevingne

A photo posted by Brooklyn Beckham (@brooklynbeckham) on

Had fun at Burberry with @kevin

A photo posted by Brooklyn Beckham (@brooklynbeckham) on

So maybe Brooklyn Beckham doesn't have as many followers as his dad.

Brooklyn Beckham certainly looks to be doing alright.

Don't worry Brooklyn, you'll get there soon!

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