Brooke Shields Reveals Andre Agassi Destroyed Wimbledon Trophy In A Fit of Rage

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Brooke Shields has written a memoir called There Was A Little Girl: The Real Story of Mother and Me. In the memoir, Shields talks candidly about her personal life as well as her relationships including her troubled marriage with tennis pro Andre Agassi. Quotes from the memoir were published in the US magazine Globe. One part in particular talks about an incident in 1995 when Shields appeared in the TV show FRIENDS as a stalker obsessed with Matt le Blanc’s character Joey.

According to the memoir, Andre Agassi was in a jealous fit of rage after the scene where Shield’s character had to lick Joey’s fingers. Agassi was in the soundstage while Shields and le Blanc shot the scene. He reportedly stormed off and drove for four hours back to his home in Las Vegas. “Upon arrival he systematically smashed and destroyed every single trophy he had won, including Wimbledon and the US Open,” Shields wrote. The actress also revealed that it took her three years to replace the destroyed trophies.

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Despite the incident, Shields and Agassi were married in 1997. However, the couple divorced less than two years later. Shields talked at length about the short-lived marriage, and revealed that she knew that she had “made a mistake”. “I could not form a sentence. I kept shaking my head as if I had duct tape across my mouth. It hit me all of a sudden ... I did not want to be married,” she wrote in the memoir.

According to Shields, it wasn’t until they were into the marriage that Agassi revealed to her that he was addicted to crystal meth. “I was shocked but immediately got hurt and insulted that he had not come to me at the time,” she wrote.

Shields got remarried in 2001 to television writer Chris Henchy. The couple have two children together.

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