Broccoligate: Obama Gets Slammed For Healthy Habits

Broccoligate is in full effect today after President Obama told a group of children at the second-annual Kids’ State Dinner that his favorite food is broccoli.

Obama is accused of lying for his wife’s healthy eating agenda and of throwing shade at George H.W. Bush (who famously declared hatred for the vegetable years ago). But considering the fact that Michelle Obama has previously mentioned how much her fam digs broccoli, could it be possible that he just actually likes it? I mean, not everyone gorges themselves on Funyuns and popcorn with peanut M&Ms during “Breaking Bad” marathons, right? (Just me?)

According to the general public, it’s more likely that he was just trying to get kids to eat their veggies with his answer, despite Michelle’s insistence that the Obamas eat the green stuff on the reg.

“It is the one vegetable that my children will eat without creating chaos and havoc,” she said. “There’s never quite clear harmony at the dinner table over the vegetables, but broccoli is a unifier in our household.”

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