Brittany Pilkington Kills Her Three Sons, Says Husband Did Not Give Daughter Enough Attention

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A young mother confessed to killing her three sons over the past thirteen months after she reported that her 3-month-old son was not breathing.

The death of 3-month-old Noah, and the sudden deaths of 4-year-old Gavin Pilkington, who died in April, and 3-month-old Niall Pilkington, who died July 2014, led to the arrest of Brittany Pilkington on Tuesday. She was charged with three counts of murder.

Prosecuter William Goslee made a statement on Wednesday saying, "She has confessed to placing a blanket over the faces of three of her children and holding them either face down or face up until they expired."

Goslee confirmed that before Noah’s death, a court judge had brought the boy and his young sister back to the family since the cause of the two previous deaths was undetermined at the time. The children were temporarily taken from their family’s custody after Gavin died in April.

The 23-year-old mother called 911 to report that her son was not breathing. She was asked about the cause but the mother claimed that genetics must have been behind their deaths.

However, the authorities believed the deaths were not of natural cause. The mother showed erratic behavior during the course of the investigation. She was said to be calm instead of panicking.

When interrogated by prosecutors, Pilkington admitted that she suffocated them with a blanket. Her confession led the investigators to reopen the case of Gavin and Niall’s deaths.

As to the motive for killing her sons, Pilkington said she was jealous of the attention the father was giving the three boys. She then said that her daughter was being ignored.

Neighbors were certain there was something odd about the mother’s behavior when Gavin died in April. Jim Pilkington, the children’s uncle noticed the same thing during the funeral of his nephew.

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation together with local authorities are pursuing the investigation.

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