Brittany Murphy's Final Film Releases First Trailer [Video]


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It may come as a huge shock to people that have not heard yet, but Brittany Murphy has another film coming out. Murphy suffered her sudden death in 2009, but somehow she was a part of a film that was never able to be released.

Brittany Murphy died in December of 2009, but it was recently revealed that she would have a new film coming out. Upon hearing the news, everyone was clearly surprised, given that it had been such a long time since her death.

The young actress died at the age of 32 from pneumonia, anemia and cardiac arrest. The film was filmed from April until June in the year that she died, but for various reasons, it was never able to be released in theaters.

Brittany Murphy's final film is called Something Wicked, and has been described as a psychological thriller. The story follows a young couple embarking upon their wedding plans, when gruesome secrets from their past collide with the sinister forces of the present.

In Something Wicked, Murphy plays the role of a psychiatrist named Susan, observing the deteriorating relationship between a newlywed couple, following a traumatic car crash. Sinister forces take control, leading the characters into a type of madness, prompting Murphy's character to claim that there is evil in their house.

Production on the project was delayed due to her death, and the film was not able to be completed until December of 2012. Emotions were clearly running high for the rest of the cast, and crew following her untimely death, and fans can rejoice at the fact that they are able to finally see the footage.

Speaking on the issue, the film's writer and producer Joe Colleran said "The first months of reviewing the footage and starting to put things together and then seeing her and hearing her voice, it's very emotional."

The film is directed by Darin Scott, and in addition to Brittany Murphy, the film stars Shantel VanSanten and John Robinson as the newlywed couple. Also present in the film are Julian Morris, James Patrick Stuart, Robert Blanche and Joe Feeney.

Something Wicked will be released soon, but only in select theaters. It will be shown first on April 4th at the Regal Valley River Center 15 in Eugene, Oregon. This is the same location where the film was shot in 2009, and in the following weeks, the film will expand to Regal Cinemas in Portland and Seattle.

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