Brittany Killgore Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

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Louis Ray Perez, who has been named a person of interest in the murder of 22-year old Brittany Killgore, pled not guilty at his arraignment yesterday in the midst of worrisome finds, such as the young woman's blood and an undisclosed weapon being discovered in his car.

Killgore, who had just filed for divorce from her Marine husband a few days before she went missing on April 13th, reportedly went out with Perez--also a Marine--on the night she disappeared; he told police he dropped her off in San Diego's Gaslamp District, but officials have reason to believe he's being less than truthful. It was revealed during the hearing yesterday that Killgore sent a text to a friend that night that said, chillingly, "Help".

Killgore's body was found on April 17th after paramedics responded to an attempted suicide by a 25-year old woman, Jessica Lynn Lopez, who left a note which described in detail how Killgore was killed and where her body could be found. Officials are keeping information about the case close, and it's still unclear exactly how the young woman died or what the relationship is between Jessica Lynn Lopez and Perez. Lopez was taken to a hospital for treatment and was remanded to jail once released; she has since also pled not guilty to the murder. A judge has set bail at $3 million each for Lopez and Perez. A hearing is scheduled for May 30th and if they are found guilty of the murder, both could face life in prison.

Killgore's husband, Marine Lance Cpt. Cory Killgore, is not considered a person of interest in the case and released a statement yesterday via the San Diego Police Department.

"My wife Brittany was beautiful beyond words and her murder has left me devastated," the statement said. "My duty to her memory is now to ensure her good reputation remains intact, and help law enforcement and prosecutors secure justice for the person or persons who took her away from me."

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