Britney Spears: What Was She Wearing?


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Britney Spears has had some pretty wacky outfits and styles, but a recent one has people asking why? Spears was recently photographed wearing a shiny, silver suit that looked like something an astronaut would wear. While many people are not familiar with these suits, those who are serious about their workouts will recognize Brit's spacesuit as a sauna suit.

Sauna suits are often worn by people while running or working out. They cause the body to sweat and therefore can lead to more weight loss. Most suits are silver in color but some may be black or other colors as well. The suits absorb sunlight and causes the body to sweat the same way it would in a sauna. Many people also believe that the suits allow the body to sweat out unhealthy toxins.

Shape House is an L.A. spa that promotes the use of sauna suits like the one Britney was seen wearing. Owner Sophie Chiche explained the benefits of the suits saying,

"It accelerates "super profuse sweating. As much as three times [as much as without the suit], which goes directly to a more efficient detox," she said.

"The hyper sweatsuit retains the heat closer to your body, and because of the trapped moisture everything feels more steamy. It's like cooking in your own juices," she added.


That may not sound too appealing, but if you are trying to lose weight or detox your body, these suits can come in handy.

Spears has been trying to get fit for her health and in preparation for her new "Britney: Peace of Me" show. Britney will begin her Vegas residency at the end of the year and her personal trainer said that she is excited to show off her newly fit body.

What do you think of Britney's weight loss and would you wear a sauna suit to lose weight faster?

Image via Wikimedia Commons