Britney Spears Tells Men To Suck It, Chooses Woman For Onstage Dance

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Britney Spears got a little sassy during a recent show in Vegas, telling the audience that she's been single for a year and that it's been a profound time in her life. And although she reportedly just broke up with Charlie Ebersole in June, apparently it didn't leave much of an impression. The pop star cheekily suggested that men suck her toe and promptly pulled a woman from the audience to hang out onstage during a performance of "Freakshow".

Spears has famously had a rocky time over the last few years after going through a very public breakdown and bumpy comeback. Her re-entry to the music world was less than impressive at first, but she managed to pull herself together and came back with guns blazing, landing a hit record and a Las Vegas residency. These days, she's spending a lot of time with her sons and working on her show, without much time for a relationship, and she seems okay with that.

Britney is branching out to television soon, with a verified guest role on Jane The Virgin. An avid fan of the show, Spears will play herself in a storyline that sees her as telenovela star Rogelio De La Vega's "nemesis".

"She’s playing an exaggerated version of Britney Spears...the backstory between her and Rogelio is remembered different ways by both of them," said showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman. ”Jonathan, who’s one of our casting directors, has been working on it for a while. And we wanted to make sure we pitched a great story, because you want to put your best foot forward. And also, you want to make sure it serves the show… So once we were happy in the writers’ room, we were able to bring her the material. And luckily, she responded.“

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