Britney Spears Stuns At ESPY Awards

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Britney Spears brought her A game to the ESPY awards Wednesday.

Donning a plunging, shimmering, silver mini-dress and legs up to there, Britney Spears was a winner for her wardrobe choice.

As good as Britney Spears looked and with that characteristic smile on her face, a person couldn't tell that she has been dealing with some heavy stuff lately.

Britney Spears and her former boyfriend, Charlie Ebersol, split last month after eight months of dating.

A source said of Britney Spears' relationship with Charlie Ebersol, "I just felt that he was in it for the wrong reasons."

Britney Spears has since deleted all the pics of Ebersol from her Instagram account.

There is also the nasty feud that Britney Spears had going on with Iggy Azalea:

Then Britney Spears posted this, seeming to take a shot at Iggy's lack of shows to look forward to.

Fortunately, Britney Spears is resilient, as can be witnessed by her ESPY appearance.

Britney Spears looked lovely onstage with co-presenter, J.J. Watt, to present the award for Best Female Athlete to MMA fighter Ronda Rousey.

There were even jokes.

Watt said, "You know Britney, when I was younger, 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' was very inspiring to me."

Britney Spears asked, "Aww J.J. that’s so sweet. Did it make you want to put some huge hits on opposing quarterbacks?"

To which Watt replied very seriously, "No. It showed me that I could be strong in the face of loneliness. I have levels, Britney. I get subtext. I’m a very soulful person."

What do you think of Britney Spears' resilience in the face of heartbreak and a Twitter feud?

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