Britney Spears' Fiance Named Co-Conservator Of Her Estate

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Pop tart Britney Spears has made quite a living over the years, between her music and various ventures into the world of fragrance, fashion and film. Now, the man she's going to marry will have a say in how she earns and spends all that dough, which is a relief to her father.

Jamie Spears took over conservatorship of his daughter's estate several years ago, around the time she divorced Keven Federline and had a mental breakdown that involved shaving her head and bashing a paparazzo's car with an umbrella. Not only was he put in control of her finances, he also became responsible for her general well-being, protecting her from unsavory people like Sam Lufti, a man the Spears family says kept her doped up on prescription pills in order to isolate her from her family in an attempt to get money from her.

Now he'll be sharing those duties with Jason Trawick, who is Britney's former manager and new fiance. According to a judge's rule on Wednesday, Trawick won't have total control of her finances--including access to her fortune--but he will be able to oversee how she spends money. While it sounds hopelessly old-fashioned to some, the Spears family is relieved to have some help with getting their daughter back on the right track, and Britney says the idea was hers.

Spears has made a huge comeback in the years following her breakdown with two number-one albums--Circus and Femme Fatale--and successful tours, as well as making some savvy business decisions in signing on with the Candies clothing line and the hugely popular show X-Factor. She even managed to sell her house for a nice profit recently; things seem to be looking up for the star after a long, hard road.

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