Britney Spears Being Sued By Backup Dancer

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Britney Spears is being sued after she allegedly broke a backup dancer’s nose while practicing a dance for her show.

Spears has been known to do some crazy things while under pressure, but this time it appears to be an accident.

According to backup dancer Dawn Noel, Spears was practicing her dance and doing a spinning motion with her arms spread out on each side of her.

She came too close to Noel and accidentally hit her in the nose.

Noel and the other dancers heard a cracking sound and realized it was the sound of Noel’s nose being broken.

Spears was aware of what she had done and offered a simple “Sorry” before returning to her dance.

Noel tried to continue dancing as well but the pain became too much for her to bare and she left the practice to see a doctor. Noel claims that the doctor told her that her nose was fractured in several places and that she would need surgery to correct it.

At first, Noel said that Spears and the Reign Deer Entertainment offered to pay for her medical bills but later told her they would not be footing the bill.

Noel has filed a lawsuit against Spears and Reign Deer Entertainment and claims that her injuries resulted in "permanent disability" and prevented her from working, resulting in loss of present and future wages. She is accusing Spears of battery and negligence but did not request a specific amount of money in the lawsuit.

Do you think Noel was really hurt as badly as she claims or is she just trying to get some money from Spears? Do you believe Britney and Reign Deer Entertainment are really refusing to pay for the medical bills?

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