Britney Spears And Iggy Azalea To Drop Powerhouse Duet -- 'Pretty Girls'

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Pop Superstar Britney Spears is coming out with a new music video in collaboration with Aussie rap sensation Iggy Azalea. “Pretty Girls” will hit the airwaves and tickle fancies sooner than fans had anticipated.

With brewing energy surrounding the song’s release, Spears told Extra why she worked with the “Fancy” rapper.

"I saw her song on TV and I was like a kid in a candy store," she told Extra. "I was like, 'I love Iggy, I love that video, I want to work with her,' and it was really weird, because a week after that her manager was like, 'She's a huge fan of yours.' I was like, 'Let's do something together,' so it worked out."

Back in December, Azalea revealed to Ryan Seacrest that she has been working with Spears on “Pretty Girls”, which will likely be the lead single off Spears’ upcoming album.

“It was such a journey, that song. I got asked and it was her song, and then she didn’t think she would have her album done in time, and then I rewrote parts of it and it became my song, and I tried to make it all mine and keep it. Then she said, ‘No, no, I am going to take it, my album is ready,'” Iggy said. “And so I swung it back her way because she’s Britney Spears, you have to do that. She gets whatever she wants.”

“Pretty Girls” swung back and forth Spears and Azalea’s upcoming albums, and Spears finally got the better end of the deal – a cool powerhouse duet.

“It’s kind of really evolved into something that I was just featured on originally, into really a true duet, where I’m on the chorus with her. We go back and forth, she has her verses I have my verse, but it’s not just me kind of popping in it. It really is a duet,” Iggy explained. “And I love that. I love a good pop duet where it’s equally powerhouse. Cool,” says Azalea.

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