Britney Spears: A Month of Hair Color

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Britney Spears has transformed her look several times throughout the past month--starting out as a blonde and winding up a redhead. She has no doubt kept her colorist on his or her toes for the past several weeks with all her color changes.

It was just this past Wednesday when Britney debuted her rich red locks, and many in the audience as well as in the media field wondered at first if she was sporting a wig. When the singer--known for earlier hits like Oops I Did It Again--started her Las Vegas residency earlier in 2014, she was a platinum blonde. From there she turned brunette. And just a few days ago Britney Spears debuted a head full of red hair that reminds one of Jessica Rabbit from the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Some are wondering if Britney will try yet another--more unusual--hair color option like hot pink or a few streaks of electric blue. Who knows?

It wasn't so long ago that she promoted her Fantasy "Naughty Remix" and "Nice Remix" perfumes. It was at that point that the brunette tresses. Britney shared both via Twitter.

Spears wore a bright red wig when she filmed her Womanizer music video, so it appears as though she's been considering a big hair color transformation for quite some time.

Of course some women are completely fickle when it comes to hair color or hair style. Changing things up allows them to role play or experiment with what colors or styles they think might suit them best or evoke a sense of fun, frivolity--or sexuality--to those around them.

Which hair color do you think Britney Spears wears best? Should she go back to blonde? Should she become brunette again? Or should she continue dazzling everyone in her path as a raging redhead?

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