Bristol Palin Facebook Stalker Arrested at Her Home with Pot and Papers

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Bristol Palin has been getting as much Facebook attention lately as her mom. Trouble is, Bristol’s Facebook traffic has been unwanted. And now a guy is behind bars.

According to an affidavit filed by Wasilla police officer Brandon Gray, Bristol Palin rolled up in her driveway to find a man sitting there. Palin said she told the man to back off but he wasn’t getting the message.

Bristol Palin “told Ferrero to back off several times and he continued to approach her,” Gray wrote. “Palin said she was scared that Ferrero might hurt her so she dropped her stuff, grabbed her son, and ran across the street to call 911.”

When Officer Gray arrived, he found one Peter P.W. Ferrero there. The man told Officer Gray that his name was “Peter Paul”. That name set off alarm bells for Bristol. She told the police that a man by that name had sent her about 1,000 Facebook messages since March.

"Palin later said that when Ferrero was sending her the Facebook messages, she told him to stop and blocked him, but he kept using new identities to send her messages," Gray wrote.

In the police affidavit, it was reported that a sweatshirt was found on the third story balcony on the back of Bristol Palin’s home. There was also a small amount of what appeared to be marijuana and rolling papers. Ferrero said the items were his and that he accidentally threw the sweatshirt on the balcony because he was hot. He said he was trying to find a nearby bed and breakfast where he was intending to stay the night.

Ferrero is from Florida.

“Ferrero said he wanted to have 10 minutes of Palin’s time to explain his issues to her. Ferrero said he has also been following a blog created by Palin in June 2014 and has also sent her messages,” the officer wrote. “Ferrero said he has also called Willow Palin several times and may have left Willow messages at her place of employment.”

Bristol Palin and her sister, Willow, filed civil protective orders against Ferrero on Monday.

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