Bristol Palin and Kristin Cavallari Have Similar Taste in Baby Names


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Bristol Palin wants to name her baby Sailor, and she doesn't care that another famous mommy just named her baby the same thing,

Well, kind of.

The Hills star Kristin Cavallari gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday, and gave her the name of Saylor James Cutler.

Saylor James Cutler was born today at 132pm!! ??

A photo posted by Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari) on

Cute, right?

Well, daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin Bristol Palin sure thinks so.

It turns out, she has similar plans for her little bundle of joy (yet to be born).

"When you find out @kristincavallari named her baby the exact name you are naming yours what a weird coincidence .. congrats on your new bundle, and I do love her name.. Still naming my baby girl Sailor!" she wrote on Instagram.

So, it's not exact. Bristol plans on naming her baby "Sailor", not "Saylor". But it's close enough.

Palin posted a photo of some baby gear already bearing the name "Sailor", I guess to say I thought of it first?

I think there's room in the world for two celebrity Sai/Saylors.