Bristol Palin Allegedly Punched And Dragged In House Party Brawl [Audio]

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An audio recording obtained from the Anchorage Police Department details the investigation of a September 6 brawl at a private birthday party that reportedly involved Bristol Palin. In the recording, Bristol is sobbing to police about how a man pushed and dragged her across the grass after she tried to defend her sister Willow. Bristol’s mother Sarah Palin can also be heard in the recording speaking in an agitated manner to the police.

As Bristol tells it, her sister Willow came to her while she was sitting in the family’s rented limo and Willow complained that a 60-year-old woman pushed and punched her. Bristol reportedly went to confront the woman and encountered a man whom she claimed punched her, pushed her down to the grass and dragged her.

Eyewitnesses claim otherwise, saying that it was Bristol who punched the man, identified as Korey Klingenmeyer, several times in the face. According to the police report, Klingenmeyer told officers that Bristol had been hitting him hard.

“Korey said that he approached Bristol and got in her way, telling her that it was his house and his party and that she was not going to start any fights and that she needed to leave. Korey said that he then told Bristol to leave again and she began punching him in the face repeatedly, using both hands. Korey said that it did not knock him down but that it hurt and he grabbed Bristol’s arm and held her back, pushing her down while holding her hand as she was attempting to strike him,” said the police report.

Matthew McKenna, who was holding his birthday party at Klingenmeyer’s house with his twin brother Mark, told police that he knew Todd and Sarah Palin and invited them to the party. However, he corroborated eyewitness accounts that Bristol had punched Klingenmeyer several times, though admitted she was first pushed by some women she had confronted before her encounter with the owner of the house.

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