Brie Larson the New 'It' Girl? She Has A Hilarious Response to That Moniker

Pam WrightLife

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Brie Larson has had fabulous year professionally, with many calling her the new "it" girl.

However, the 26-year-old Room actress is having none of it. In an interview with CBS News on Sunday, Brie expressed her feelings about being referred to as the new “it” girl.

“What is ‘it'?” Larson asked. “There is no ‘it'! And who was ‘it’ before ‘it'? And when does ‘it’ go away? When did I get ‘it'? Who’s gonna take ‘it'?”

She added, laughing, “I think it’s a really funny term. I’m just a person. I’m not anything!”

While Brie Larson may not be on board with the moniker, there are plenty of reasons why she is being called the "it" girl. Over the summer, she starred alongside Amy Schumer in the box office comedy smash Trainwreck, followed by her role in Room, which has garnered a lot of attention, including Oscar buzz.

The film, based on the novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue, stars Larson as a young woman who is kidnapped and kept in a shed for years. During her captivity, she gives birth to a child, who is five when the film opens. Played by Jacob Tremblay, Jack has never experienced the outside world.

Despite her aversion to being called the new "it" girl, Larson says she is overwhelmed with the attention the film has garnered and the Oscar buzz surrounding her performance. She told CBS News, “It’s just not even something that your brain can wrap itself around.”

Pam Wright