Brianna Wu Says She Won't Back Down From Gaming

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Game developer Brianna Wu has been threatened and harassed to the point that she has had to leave her home for her own safety. Wu is one of several female game developers who are openly supporting feminism in their games. Several other female developers have also been threatened.

Wu left her home on Friday after she received several specific and violent threats against her and her husband. There was also an attempt to hack into her financial accounts.

Although Wu was shaken up over the threats, she said that she is not going to stop creating games or speaking about feminism in games.

She said that many men are intimidated by female gamers and developers and she feels like she is trying to be scared from voicing her opinion on the subject.

"I am not going to get bullied out of this industry by some people that are this threatened by women that just want to sit here and make video games," she told a CNN reporter. "It is ridiculous."

Wu has talked about the harassment that women experience in games and said that it needs to stop and that it won't stop unless someone stands up to the people who are doing the harassing.

"You have players which are taking in these unconscious messages — women are not welcome here, this is our turf, this is our space — and then as a result of that we have a very hostile culture toward women," she said in the CNN interview.

Wu said that she has not been able to go back to her home yet and is likely going to move or at least stay somewhere else until the police are able to find out who is harassing and threatening her and her husband.

"I want to get safe," she said. "My main mission right now is to get safe, to find a place to live until this blows over."

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