Briana Jungwirth: Is She Using Louis Tomlinson for His Money?

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Briana Jungwirth is the mother of One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson's new baby boy. The new mom and dad don't appear to be involved in a serious relationship with one another, however, but both plan to take active roles in raising their son.

A new report from TMZ says Briana Jungwirth has been vocal with her girlfriends about not taking advantage of Louis Tomlinson's wealth. It doesn't sound like she's practicing what she's preaching, however. reports Jungwirth is requesting $600,000 per year in child support from the singer until the child turns 18. That adds up to more than $8 million.

Louis Tomlinson recently signed on a six-month rental of a $14 million mansion, as well as a separate four-bedroom home for Briana Jungwirth and her family--all so he can take part in the raising of his child.

Despite TMZ's report, it sort of sounds like Briana Jungwirth might be using Louis Tomlinson for his money. The Sun reports that Jungwirth's mom wouldn't allow Louis near Briana when she was in labor. In fact, he spent most of the time she was in labor sitting in his car.

"He's looked after her very well but Tammi (the mom) feels it's not enough. They are trying to work out a custody deal," a source tells them.

Louis was eventually allowed into the delivery room when Briana Jungwirth had the baby.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something smells foul in this situation between Briana Jungwirth and Louis Tomlinson.

In all truth, it smells far more like money.

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