Brian Griffin Is Back, Tattoo Removals To Commence


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When character Brian Griffin appeared to have been killed in a recent Family Guy episode, many fans were outraged and critics puzzled. Surely removing such an integral character would cause problems? There was backlash, petitions, and the expectation that the show would tank.

Sorry Vinny, your sudden introduction into the family wasn't sitting well with anyone. Luckily, hints were then dropped regarding a special Christmas episode that would possibly maybe most definitely result in the return of the beloved pooch.

Well lo and behold, the miracle happened. Warm and fuzzies were felt all around. Perhaps some cheeks reddened in the face of loud, "I told you so" remarks.

There is little doubt that some cheeks are a bit redder than others. Cheeks belonging to persons like this short-sighted fellow. These semi-permanent images on the body are meant to convey a message of "Gone, but not forgotten." When Brian was so suddenly taken away from the Family Guy fandom, it left some well-meaning individuals feeling the need to express their loss. Well, what better form of self-expression than something you get to look at every day for the rest of your life?

With Brian's revival, it's very likely at least one person will need to get some body ink removed or re-done.

Or maybe not.

As someone correctly noted, the show will probably be canceled or end in a few seasons, which would technically render such "RIP Brian Griffin" tattoos relevant again.

Face-saving attempts aside, it's been a good weekend for Brian Griffin, his cartoon family, and everyone hoping against hope that he'd be back.

Which probably wouldn't count the newly adopted Vinny: The cheeky retcon left him having never been adopted.


Image: JayBest98