Breastfeeding Reality Show is Reportedly in the Works

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Breastfeeding reality show: It was only a matter of time before someone thought this would be a good idea. With all the attention that Time magazine cover received following its publication, it kind of makes sense that someone is looking to milk the subject's public appeal by transforming it into a weekly television program. Considering the show will be produced by the same company responsible for crafting such memorable and thought-provoking time-wasters as “Dance Moms” and “American Stuffers", there's no telling what the end result will look like. The only thing given at this point is that there will be boobies with children attached to them.

Details are still very sketchy at the moment -- outside of the article over at the New York Post, very little about the forthcoming program is currently known -- though I'm sure more will certainly come to light as production gets underway. Given America's obsession with breasts in all of their splendor, there's a very strong possibility that the show will enjoy an ample supply of popularity when it arrives on whichever cable network is brave enough to pick it up.

That said, is America ready for an entire show based around breastfeeding that isn't sexualized in some ridiculous manner? Facebook, for example, has been yanking images of nursing children left and right, a fact which has angered some mothers to no end. Then again, some folks felt the need to start an online petition to get Sesame Street to reinstate their breastfeeding segments, so maybe there is a market for such content after all.

Although little is known about the project, the Post seems to think it will focus on mothers who readily admit to nursing their children well past their first birthday. If they're looking for someone to get the show started on the right foot, maybe they can tap Mayim Bialik. Since she's not above nursing her child on the New York subway, she seems to be the ideal candidate for the pilot episode. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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