Breast Cancer Awareness, Think Pink

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October is here, which means it’s time to think pink. Breast Cancer Awareness Month has many special events operating in local communities in order to promote breast cancer, which is a wonderful thing considering most women are unable to determine their own risk for the disease.

According to a recent study less than ten percent of woman can honestly assess a potential diagnosis. Women were shown to be as likely to overestimate the potential as they were to underestimate the potential.

The following image shows breast cancer cells.

The study included a population of 9,873 women from Long Island, New York, where the ages ranged from 35-years-old to 70-years-old. The women answered surveys including twenty-five questions relating to the following risk factors: personal risks such as family history, demographics such as age, and estimates of individual risk by age 90. Results showed only 707 of the 9,873 women were able to successfully estimate their own individual risk. That’s a surprisingly low 9.4%.

Even though the majority of women are unable to determine their own potential diagnosis, fortunately communities have banded together to promote awareness. Women and men alike have united for the cause, remembering past sufferers of breast cancer as well as present survivors.

Mementos are being sold to raise funds in order to continue researching the disease.

The Twitter community has been aflutter with supportive and encouraging reminders to remain strong.

In memory of the families and friends who have lost loved ones to breast cancer.

[Images Via Wikimedia Commons]

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