'Breaking Bad' Returns July 15th

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The Last season of Breaking Bad is set to start July 15th, AMC announced today. Giggidy. The 16-episode season will be released in two parts, so the second half will be out next summer 2013. Sucks.

The show from producer Vince Gilligan, has drawn a lot of awards. Bryan Cranston has taken home three consecutive Emmys for his role as Walter White. Supporting actor Aaron Paul has also taken home an Emmy.

Breaking Bad will precede a new series called "Small Town Security" about a family-owned private security company in Georgia. This series will also run 8 episode, with all new episodes after Breaking Bad at 11PM.

AMC also made the announcement that Hell on Wheels, a post-civil war drama, will air its second season starting August 12

Although it'll be nice to have Breaking Bad back, I don't know why they have to drag us along like this. Only eight episodes, then we have to wait another year. It's like, come on. (Jimmy voice)

They are currently filming in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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