Breaking Bad Graphic Shows Walter White's Lack Of Frugality

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Have you had the chance to watch the Season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad yet? If not, shame on you - it's currently burning a good sized meth-induced tissue hole in your DVR. It was vintage Breaking Bad - meaning that it both delivered as a standalone episode and left you with a WTF scene to ponder for the next week.

Plus, you know, "yeah bitch, magnets!"

It's clear that Walter White isn't the same guy we met at the beginning of season 1. Whether you believe he's spent the last few months unearthing his true, malevolent character or that he's just a victim of harsh circumstances, the point is that he may be the most dynamic character on television.

And during that metamorphosis, Mr. White has spent a lot of money. But just how much has he spent? went to the trouble of calculating Walt's intake from the first three season, and then showing exactly how much of that intake he spent throughout season 4. Though the figures are nowhere near exact, and we can argue about the true cost of a couple of the items, the calculations (at least I think) paint a fairly accurate pictures of Walt's monetary situation as of the beginning of the new season.

Basically, he's got about $366,000 left.

Check out their full infographic below (click to enlarge), and be wary of spoilers:


And, you know, just because (also, spoilers):

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