Breaking Bad Alternate Ending: Was It All A Dream? [Video]


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Well, Breaking Bad ended its five-year run about a month ago, but that certainly has not stopped its fans from talking about the historic ending to the show, and how things could have gone differently. For those fans that have been wanting more, a DVD set of the hit show is being released, and a hilarious alternate ending to the show has already been released.

The video of the Breaking Bad alternate ending was leaked to the internet over the weekend, but was later taken down by Sony, in an effort to get people to actually buy the DVD. Ironically, the alternate ending that we are presented with is something that fans of the show have been joking abotu for a long time.

The alternate ending that is present on the DVD box is a theory that we have all come to wonder about, and discuss involving Bryan Cranston's infamous character of Walter White. The ending shows him becoming his character of Hal on Malcolm In The Middle, a sitcom which aired on FOX from 2002 until 2006, and pretends as if the past five seasons of Breaking Bad have all simply been a dream for Hal.

The video has been removed from Youtube due to copyright infringement, but can still be seen here.

The way the ending was done was also a homage to The Bob Newhart Show, showing him wake up in bed as Hal, after being freaked out about the dream in which he was a meth dealer. He then tells his wife Lois, played by Jane Kaczmarek, the whole story featuring hilarious descriptions of Hank, Jesse and his marriage to a tall, blonde woman.

Well, not quite...but this would have been interesting too.

It was special for fans of Malcolm In The Middle to see him reprise his role, but unfortunately for some, the creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gillian said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that the alternate ending was a complete joke, and that the show Breaking Bad's plot definitely did happen.

For those wanting to relive all of their favorite moments of the final season, and see the extras included in the DVD box set, including the hilarious Breaking Bad alternate ending, it will be available on November 26.

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