Brandon Browner, Seahawks Cornerback, Suspended Indefinitely


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Brandon Browner, a member of the Seattle Seahawks, has been targeted again for refusing to comply with the NFL's policy against drug abuse for players. Browner was already set to serve a lengthy suspension for breaking the NFL rules, although now it looks to be even more serious.

While it was originally reported that Brandon Browner's latest offense would only be punishable by a one year suspension, the NFL has changed their ruling to suspend him indefinitely.

With it being unclear when Browner will ever return to the NFL, it is likely that when he does, he will not be playing for the Seahawks.

As Browner has been a problem in the past, the Seahawks have no neeed to tolerate his behavior anymore, as the best team in the league.

He was scheduled to be a free agent in March, and based on speculation that had been going around the league, the Seahawks had not been planning to re-sign him.

As a member of the toughest defense in the league and the "Legion Of Boom," he came to Seattle in 2011, and was also named to the 2011 Pro Bowl.

This is not the first time that Brandon Browner has violated the rules that are set to by the NFL against the use of drugs, but it may be the last. He was punished using performance enhancing drugs last season, which caused him to miss the final four games, but this time, it was reported that he has been using marijuana.

The ironic part of the situation is that marijuana is actually legal in the state of Washington where Browner plays. Is the indefinite suspension necessary? Discuss.

With the updated report, it seems that he is out for the season, and his career might be over as well. Speaking on the situation, Brandon Browner said "Although I disagree with the circumstances surrounding my suspension, I accept responsibility for all of my actions and I apologize for any that causes any unflattering reflections of my family and the Seahawks." He also said that he believes that he is innocent, and plans to use his available legal resources to prove it.

The loss of Brandon Browner does not seem to be hurting the Seattle Seahawks yet, and they are 9-1 in the 10 games that he has missed. In the middle of his talks of suspension he has also been injured, and missed the last four games due to injury.

Image via Wikimedia Commons