Brandi Glanville Reveals The Thing About LeAnn Rimes That Drives Her to Drink

Pam WrightLife

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Brandi Glanville has one thing that really gets her goat about LeAnn Rimes that leads her to dring — seeing pictures of the kids she had with Eddie Cibrian posted on social media during the holidays.

Glanville, 43, and Rimes have been fighting ever since Cibrian left his ex six years ago for the 33-year-old country singer.

“We still battle, don’t get me wrong,” the Real Housewives star said on the Nik Richie Podcast. “I have an issue with her posting pictures of my children on holidays. If my ex-husband, if their dad [Eddie Cibrian], isn’t posting pictures, why is she to the public?”

Brandi Glanville even admitted that seeing the photos Rimes posted of her sons Mason, 12, and Jake, eight, drove her to hit the bottle.

“Holidays are so hard for me, as it is, when I don’t have my kids,” she said. “Then to have the capacity to be able to go on the computer and look to see what they’re f--king doing. I get that vodka out, or whatever it is. I’ll break out three bottles of chardonnay, cry myself to sleep and look at what they’re doing on Christmas. It’s hell. It’s Christmas and that’s my family.”

She also claims that Rimes does it on purpose to upset her, even though she has asked specifically that Rimes stop posting publicly.

“She’s like, ‘It’s my family too, and I’m going to do whatever I want.’ It’s hard but I deal with it,” Glanville said.

Pam Wright