Bradley Stone, Suspect In Pennsylvania Shootings, Found Dead

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Bradley Stone, the man who was wanted in connection with the shooting deaths of six people earlier this week, has been found dead about a half mile from his home in Pennsburg.

Police say Stone--an Iraq War veteran--allegedly used a gun and a sword to kill his ex-wife, her mother, grandmother, sister, and two other people in the family on Monday. His 17-year old nephew was seriously wounded with severe cuts to his head and hands, which appear to be defensive cuts. According to a police affidavit, Stone allegedly used the sword to cut the throat of one of the victims. The teenage survivor has been hospitalized but is reportedly in stable condition.

35-year old Stone had allegedly been involved in a messy custody battle with his ex-wife, 33-year old Nicole, over their two daughters. The girls were unharmed in the attack on Monday.

According to media reports, Stone allegedly used the sword to kill himself, although some reports say a knife was found on the scene. His body was found on Tuesday. Rumors that he suffered from PTSD have not been confirmed.

17-year old Anthony Flick is in the care of other family members at this time; a GoFundMe account has been set up to pay for his medical bills.

"We are gonna be here for him. We are his family now, because that is all he has left is us. We are going to be his family," friend Sarah Sewell said.

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