Bradley Cooper Proves Louis C.K. Wrong

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Bradley Cooper has proven a notion believed by comedian Louis C.K. to be completely wrong. The American Hustle star isn't gloating, however, and he really had no hand in making that proof public. It just goes to show that evidence on the internet never, ever goes away.

Here's the scoop. Louis C.K. remarked during an interview back in 2008 that whenever an acting student in the audience during Inside the Actor's Studio asks a famous actor a question, that's when you know that student will fail. Louis C.K. specifically cited Sean Penn when he made his comments, too.

"You know it always occurs to me, when you have an actress stands up during, one of the people in the audience and says ‘I'm an actor, what can I do, and asks Sean Penn or whoever. What can I do to reach your level, or whatever,'" the 46-year-old said. "And you just want to say, 'that's it. You never will be famous. You'll never be famous. There's no way you asked Sean Penn a question and then you're gonna be huge.'"

Well, Sean Penn visited Inside the Actor's Studio back in 1999, and guess who was in the audience?

That's right. It was Bradley Cooper. And Cooper asked Penn a question about Hurlyburly--a film Sean Penn starred in the year before.

Louis C.K. certainly didn't set out to deliberately diss Bradley Cooper--but it's kind of funny how this all turned out.

Note to famous comedians: Be very careful when you switch from funny lines to seemingly calculated speculation. Thanks to the internet, it just might come back to bite you in the butt.

Do you think Louis C.K. owes Bradley Cooper an apology? It will certainly be fun to learn the comedian's reaction to his unwitting mistake.

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