BP Recalls Gas After Motorists Rack up Huge Repair Bills

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BP this week issued a recall on a 50,000 barrel batch of gasoline shipped to Northwestern Indiana fuel distributors. The recall covers all unleaded regular gas shipped from the Whiting, Indiana fuel storage terminal between August 13 - 17.

In an official statement, BP said it believes the gas contained a higher than normal amount of polymeric residue. The company admitted that the fuel in question could cause hard starting, salling, and "other drivability issues." BP stated that it guarantees every gallon of gas it sells, and urges customers who believe they received some of the bad batch to call BP's customer hotline. Anyone buying gas from Northwest Indiana BP stations or other gas stations during the past week may have been affected.

Presumably, motorists will have their vehicle repair costs covered by BP. This is assuming, of course, that customers can get ahold of someone at BP. The Consumerist is reporting that BP's customer hotline is being flooded at the moment, causing long hold times. According to a local news report, the estimated cost for repairing one of the affected vehicles is around $1,200.

BP is now reviewing shipping records and contacting Northwest Indiana distributors who have loaded the bad product onto tanker trucks and replacing the bad gas. The company issued an apology, stating, "We would like to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused some of our customers."

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