Boxing Day Sales Chaotic in New Zealand

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Boxing Day is December 26, and the Boxing Day sales shopping has already gotten crazy in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald reports that those braving Boxing Day to grab a bargain or two are shopping in the midst of chaos. It's already December 26 in New Zealand, and it sounds like the shoppers there are out in hoards.

The shoppers were enticed for Boxing Day shopping when many stores put up ads in their store windows on Christmas Eve, with some places advertising 70 percent off, others boasting 50 percents off, and still others claiming "massive reductions" and "knockout sales."

Several New Zealand retailers were offering Boxing Day bargains online as well, for those who wanted to avoid the chaos.

Traditionally, Boxing Day was when employers distributed money, food, and other goods to their employees--many of whom worked on Christmas Day. It is only celebrated in a handful of countries--many of which are in the U.K. These days it tends to represent the onslaught of the after-Christmas sales.

Kimberly Ripley
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