Borderlands 2 Headlines Start Of Steam Holiday Sale

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Christmas may be right around the corner, but Steam is already getting us all in the Christmas spirit by offering a two week long Steam sale of epic proportions. That's right, folks, the Steam Holiday Sale is finally upon us.

The Steam Holiday Sale, like past Winter sales, will last from December 20 until January 5. During that time, PC gamers will be treated to deep discounts on popular titles everyday. The sale also features the return of Flash Sales and a Community's Choice where gamers choose which game goes on sale next.

The first round of sales shows that Steam has hit the ground running with a selection of excellent titles. The games on sale include the Prince of Persia franchise, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Mirror's Edge, Borderlands franchise, Wargam: European Escalation and the Hitman Franchise. Speaking of Hitman, the recently released Hitman Absolution is half-off today. The excellent Borderlands 2 is half off as well, but its DLC is still at full price.

As for the current Flash Sales, you can get War of the Roses, Intrusion, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Natural Selection II, Batman Arkham City and Fable III all al ridiculously low prices.

The first Community's Choice sale has gamers choosing between Braid, LIMBO and The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. If you've got an itch for a pretentious platformer, you might want to start voting up either Braid or LIMBO right now.

The usual publisher packs and discounts on indie games are also available for the entirety of the sale. You'll have two weeks to grab these deals before they go back to regular price until the next sale in Spring.

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