Borderlands 2 "Big Game Hunt" DLC Trailer Released

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All large publishers are selling pre-sale packages of future promised DLC for their triple-A titles, but too often some of those promised add-ons end up being rather sparse, or an odd amalgamation of features. Take, for example, the Xbox 360 exclusive DLC just released for Resident Evil 6, which only contains new multiplayer modes.

Gearbox, then, deserves some credit for releasing a new character class and two new campaign add-ons in the three months since Borderlands 2's release.

Today, the trailer for the third Borderlands 2 DLC was released. Titled "Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt," the campaign add-on will take players on a big game hunt with the venerable Hammerlock. Of course, the outing is quickly disrupted by a Hyperion scientist who is still loyal to Handsome Jack and seeks revenge on the vault hungers.

At the near-monthly DLC release pace Gearbox is keeping to, it won't be long before fans of the game are throwing their money at the company, demanding a second season pass for more quality Borderlands 2 updates.

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