Borderlands 2 Adds New Mechromancer Class


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A little while back, we told you about the new characters coming to Borderlands 2. Each one is similar to the original four characters as class abilities go, but with some new variations. But we also told you to stay tuned to the PAX East Convention, where a playable demo of the game would be available and new information would be released about this game.

And so there is. Gearbox announced yesterday, at a special panel at PAX East, that Borderlands 2 will be adding an all new Mechromancer class and character customization.

The mechromancer class is still in the development stage and will be available after launch as DLC. The female character (pictured at the top of the article) has a robotic hand and other cyborg elements. She controls a large robot called D374-TP, also known as Deathtrap. If you pre-order the game, the character will be free when available. There is not a price set for non-pre-orders, but developers say it will be in the range of most DLC.

Character customization will be available for all the new characters, including the mechromancer. This is a cool new addition that the original Borderlands lacked. The customization will occur in game, rather than at the beginning, with players being able to access new costumes and gear as they progress through the game. New customizations will be available for certain missions and challenges, as well as reaching certain character levels. Also, players of the original Borderlands will receive an exclusive head and skin as a bonus.

They also announced a special edition version to be released with Borderlands 2 in September. It comes packaged in the special weapons crate for the game and comes with a Marcus Kincaid bobblehead and some other stuff for $149.99.

This video from Gamespot, shows some video of them playing the demo at PAX East. It includes footage of some cool new enemies, graphics and gameplay: