Bobby Brown's Fiancee, Whitney Houston Discussed in Latest Interview

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Bobby Brown's fiancee and his undying love for Whitney House were the top of conversation when the musician sat down with Matt Lauer for a recent "Today Show" interview. Truthfully, I'm kind of surprised that we didn't hear more from Bobby Brown after Houston's passing last February. I guess I sold the guy short, as I was almost positive he would use the opportunity to get his face all over television screens and magazine covers. Oh, what a heel I am.

During the interview, Brown revealed that he's still very much in love with Whitney despite the fact that he's happily engaged. He also touched on the rumors that it was hit fault the beloved singer/actress had developed a drug problem, an allegation he denies with every ounce of his being. Brown goes on to discuss how Houston looked before her death, and wonders if he could have done more to help his ex-wife with her troubles.

"Maybe I could have done something different. You know?” Brown explained to Matt Lauer. “To ensure she had a longer life. But you have to want it."

After watching the interview, I can honestly say that I have a lot more respect for the "New Edition" singer than I did beforehand. You can tell that he's still grieving over Houston's untimely demise, and, honestly, it's a little hard to watch. Anyone who's ever lost someone they love in such a horrific manner can easily relate to the man's pain. Even if you're not a fan of Brown's career or his antics, you can tell he's genuinely heartbroken over the loss.

Curious parties can watch footage from the interview below.


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