Bobbi-Kristina Slams Book Penned By Grandmother

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Bobbi-Kristina, the famous daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, has publicly announced that she does not support her grandmother Cissy Houston's new tell-all book about her mother and says she won't read it.

The book, "Remembering Whitney: My Story Of Love, Loss, And The Night The Music Stopped" was mentioned in an interview Cissy sat down for with Oprah recently on "Next Chapter" and reportedly delves into not only Whitney's early life, but how Cissy felt about her marriage to Brown and when the drug use began. Bobbi-Kristina announced on Twitter that she wants nothing to do with it.

Cissy also talked to Oprah about her feelings towards Bobbi-Kristina and speculated on whether her granddaughter is headed down a similar path as her mother. She says Bobbi Kristina has been against a book about Whitney from the beginning.

Cissy Houston Discusses Her Granddaughter, Bobbi Kristina

Three months after Whitney Houston's death, members of her family started shooting the reality series The Houstons: On Our Own. It was the first time the public saw a glimpse of the tension between Whitney's daughter, Bobbi Kristina—also known as Krissy—and Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston. Watch as Cissy tells Oprah why Bobbi Kristina didn't want her to write a book about Whitney. Plus, Cissy addresses speculation that her granddaughter is on drugs.

I find it 2B Disrespect2MYMOTHER & me being HERDAUGHTER won't tolerate it. I LOVEYOUALL for your support though & I thank you immensely••xO!

— Bobbi Kristina Brown (@REALbkBrown) February 1, 2013

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