Bobbi Kristina Brown's Family Reportedly Considers Removing Life Support

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Last week, it was reported that Bobbi Kristina suffered from violent seizures after doctors attempted to take her out of her medically-induced coma. According to a source for Fox News, Bobbi Kristina has not had any more seizures after the accident but she has also shown no signs of life recently. The seizure seems to indicate that Bobbi Kristina has a severe brain injury and that she may never regain consciousness. “It is really on Bobby Brown’s shoulders to let her go in peace,” the insider said. She added that Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother, Cissy Houston, has already come to terms with the idea of removing Bobbi Kristina’s life support.

“It is something that the Houston and Brown [families] had agreed to do as early as February 11, but Bobby Brown reneged,” the source said. There are rumors that the Houston family are pushing the idea of removing Bobbi Kristina’s life support because of the $20 million inheritance left to Bobbi Kristina by her mom, Whitney Houston.

On January 31, Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the hospital after she was found unconscious in a bathtub. It was recently revealed that police are treating it as a criminal case, and that they suspect that foul play was involved. Some information has come to light recently involving a 911 call reporting a domestic disturbance at Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon’s apartment, as well as the possibility of a cover-up to remove evidence from the scene of the crime.

Max Lomas, the man who found Bobbi Kristina, said that Nick Gordon was acting suspiciously at the time of the incident. According to Lomas, Gordon disappeared shortly before he found Bobbi Kristina in the bathtub. He also stated that Gordon cleaned up the scene prior to the arrival of the paramedics. There is a possibility that Nick Gordon could be facing a trial in the near future.

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