Bobbi Kristina Brown's $250,000 Ring Goes Missing; Is Nick Gordon The Culprit?

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Another puzzle piece to the Bobbi Kristina Brown near-death mystery surfaces as the singer’s $250k diamond ring is now missing.

The 10-carat diamond ring was given to Brown by her late mother, Grammy award-winning artist Whitney Houston. It was the same ring that Brown was wearing during her announcement of her engagement with boyfriend Nick Gordon.

Brown’s July 2012 Instagram post shows the couple’s hands in apparent loving gesture, with the diamond-studded ring on display on Brown’s ring finger.

Questions about the ring started echoing from among Brown’s relatives when the aspiring actress’ boyfriend mentioned about a “ring” during his interview with celebrity psychiatrist Dr. Phil last week.

In the interview-turned-intervention, Gordon asked his mother about a certain “ring” that Brown owns. Gordon’s mother replied that she was “keeping it in a safe place” for the couple. Reports say that mother and son later stated that the “ring” mentioned in Dr. Phil’s show was different from the 10-carat jewelry missing from Brown’s possession.

Radar Online reported that a member of the Houston family later called Dr. Phil to help find the ring.

The feuding Houston-Brown family remains highly doubtful of Gordon’s honesty and credibility. Brown’s relatives are still suspicious of Gordon’s involvement in their niece’s current condition. Most of Brown’s aunts suspect Gordon’s hand in the incident.

No one from the Houston-Brown house commented about the whether or not Whitney Houston’s $250k gift to her daughter has been found yet.

Reports also stated that police has launched a criminal investigation after finding injuries on Brown’s body. Money and properties are still being considered as reasons behind the artist’s mysterious bathtub near-drowning.

Gordon is currently in rehab under residential substance abuse treatment program. The 25-year-old was reportedly depressed for being kept away from his girlfriend’s hospital bed since January 31.

Brown remains in a coma with no signs of improvement since.

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