Bobbi Kristina Brown: Was Bobby Brown There to Say Goodbye?

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Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away on Sunday at the age of 22. She died at the Peachtree Christian Hospice just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. A source shared a list of family members and friends who were with Bobbi Kristina as she drew her last breath--but Bobby Brown wasn't among those mentioned.

It's possible, of course, that the media outlet simply made a mistake and omitted Bobbi Kristina's father from the list. Do you suppose he wasn't present when his daughter died?

It's clear in the aftermath of Bobbi Kristina's passing that Bobby Brown is suffering terribly.

“Bobby can’t take it right now,” a source tells “This is truly one of the most gut-wrenching experiences of his life, and he’s hurting. He’s a mess and inconsolable. This is worse than when Whitney died. He truly didn’t want to take Bobbi Kristina off life support, and he was hoping for a miracle of all miracles.”

Following Bobbi Kristina's passing, Bobby Brown issued a statement via his lawyer.

“Krissy was and is an angel. I am completely numb at this time,” the statement reads. “My family must find a way to live with her in spirit and honor her memory. Our loss is unimaginable. We thank everyone for the prayers for Krissy and our family as we mourn my baby girl.”

Whether or not Bobby Brown was by Bobbi Kristina's side when she past remains unknown. Imagine how he must feel--in addition to mourning her death--if he wasn't by her side when she drew her very last breath.

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