Bobbi Kristina Brown to Remain on Ventilator, Nick Gordon Posts Tattoo

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Bobbi Kristina Brown will remain on a ventilator, according to a new report from Entertainment Tonight. Meanwhile Nick Gordon has shared a photo of her name tattooed onto his arm.

The family--sans Nick Gordon, as he hasn't been allowed by Bobbi Kristina Brown's bedside--met on Monday to talk about whether or not Bobbi Kristina should remain on life support. It was ultimately decided that she should. Of course this report doesn't say anything about Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston, and the rest of the family meeting with doctors. It simply indicates a meeting among themselves.

ET spoke with a a neurologist at Midtown Neurology in Atlanta. While Dr. Julian Bragg isn't one of Bobbi Kristina Brown's doctors, he did say the following about what her family might be facing.

"The options presented to the family at this point are very difficult," Dr. Bragg said. "People aren't able to predict what's going to happen. The big decision is often between what kind of life the person's going to have and how long they're going to have it. While very heroic measures can be taken to keep a body alive, often it's difficult to decide if that life is going to be the type that that person would want to live."

Dr. Bragg also said if Bobbi Kristina should regain consciousness, she would face a lengthy recovery.

"After spending more than two weeks in a medically induced coma, or for any cause, the body goes through a number of changes," he said. "There is a significant decrease in muscle strength both in terms of moving the limbs and in terms of breathing. Often people require extensive strengthening not only in being able to sit, stand and move around, but even simpler things like swallowing and breathing."

Even though Nick Gordon reportedly was banned from Bobbi Kristina Brown's hospital room by her father, Bobby Brown, he still remains hopeful that she will recover. He tweeted a photo of the aforementioned tattoo (his photo avatar) along with a message on Sunday.

This is the first Twitter presence for Nick Gordon since Bobbi Kristina Brown was discovered face down and unconscious in their bathtub back on January 31st.

Do you think if Whitney Houston's daughter regains consciousness, she stands a chance at making a complete recovery?

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