Bobbi Kristina Brown: Is There Any Hope At All?

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Bobbi Kristina Brown has been in a medically induced coma since January 31st, when she was discovered in a state of near drowning--facedown in her bathtub. Doctors attempted to bring her out of that coma a couple of weeks ago, but she suffered terrible seizures and was put back under very quickly.

The question on most everyone's mind at this point is whether or not Bobbi Kristina Brown will ever emerge from her coma, and if she does, what kind of shape might she be in?

Extra spoke with Dr. Sasan Yadegar, Neurosurgical Director with Dignity Health Northridge Hospital and Trauma Center. And although Dr. Yadegar has never treated Bobbi Kristina Brown, she offered some insight into her present medical situation.

“In the best of circumstances, what happens with these patients is that you expect the first thing to return is some respiratory function, the second thing to return is their eyes may open. They may not follow commands but their eyes may open. The third thing is movement of the upper and lower extremities. That is not to commands, but due to some type of stimulus. And then slowly, and God willing, they start following some commands,” he explained.

“Once they start following commands, you commit them to a rehab center, which means they exercise the upper and lower extremities," the doctor said. "Hopefully, they get the patient back up walking and sitting in a chair and then ultimately they work with them with the speech therapy to get them to talk again and understand the speech and learn how to get around and get by with their lives…learn how to feed themselves and so on and so forth. It can take up to two years to get all of those things done.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been in at Atlanta hospital after having been moved from a smaller facility in Roswell, Georgia. She is under the care of some of the best doctors around. Even if she does wake up, however, she might not experience a full recovery.

“To expect a full recovery is absolutely not possible,” Dr. Yadegar said.

Bobbi Kristina Brown is the only child of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston. Her father and her grandmother, Cissy Houston, have been by her side for most of the time since this tragedy took place. Bobbi Kristina was living with Nick Gordon at the time of the incident. Even though she often referred to Nick Gordon as her husband on various forms of social media, the two never married. Bobby Brown hasn't allowed Gordon to visit Bobbi Kristina in the hospital. Gordon recently entered a rehab facility at the urging of Dr. Phil McGraw.

The longer Bobbi Kristina Brown spends in a comatose state, the less hope people have for her recovery. Rumors have circulated about the possibility of removing her from life support, but Bobby Brown is dead set against that at this time.

Meanwhile people from all around the world are praying for Bobbi Kristina Brown. Hopefully none of those prayers will have been in vain.

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