Bobbi Kristina Brown: If She Dies, Who Gets Whitney Houston's $20 Million? Not Nick Gordon

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Bobbi Kristina Brown has been in a medically induced coma for more than a month now, and recent reports say some family members think it's time to pull the plug. If that happens, who gets the $20 million fortune Whitney Houston left to her only child?

According to a report from People magazine, that's a bit uncertain at this point, however they're sure about who won't receive any of her money--and that's Nick Gordon.

Nick Gordon was raised by Whitney Houston. From the age of 12, when he was orphaned, Houston brought him up alongside Bobbi Kristina Brown. In the months leading up to this tragedy, most people believed Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon had married, as she referred to him as her 'husband.' Following this incident, Bobby Brown issued a statement via his lawyer saying Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon aren't, nor were they ever, married.

So who controls the money Whitney Houston left Bobbi Kristina Brown? It's a little bit complicated. Cissy Houston--Bobbi Kristina's grandmother and Whitney Houston's mother--is in charge of any physical property that would be left behind. That includes real estate, jewelry, cars, etc. She would be the one to decide to whom these assets would go, or if they would first be sold and distributed as cash instead.

Whitney Houston's brother, Gary Houston, and his wife Pat, are the co-executors of the trust left to Bobbi Kristina Brown. They are the people controlling the bulk of her inheritance.

In other words, if Bobbi Kristina Brown hasn't had a will drawn up that specifically names Nick Gordon as the heir to anything she owns (this excludes the trust, as she has no control over that), then Nick gets nothing if and when Bobbi Kristina dies. Neither does her father, Bobby Brown.

Whenever anyone is lying in a perilous state like Bobbi Kristina Brown, it's sad to think of things like money and net worth. However, when one's mother was Whitney Houston, there is way more at stake than just a few thousand dollars and a house in the suburbs.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face down in her bathtub a month ago. Nick Gordon is under investigation for the incident. Roswell, Georgia police believe there may have been some criminal activity involved in the situation.

As the days crawl by, it looks less and less likely that Bobbi Kristina Brown will recover from this tragedy. Do you foresee a huge battle in the courts if she passes away? Will family members--and Nick Gordon--try to get a piece of Whitney Houston's giant pie?

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