Bobbi Kristina Brown Featured in Reality Show While on Life Support?

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Is Bobbi Kristina Brown part of her family's reality show? Are they incorporating her existence on life support into a form of entertainment?

That's exactly what TMZ is reporting, and while nothing has been confirmed and details are yet to emerge, just the notion of such a violation of dignity and respect is enough to make one's toes curl.

TMZ reports that Bobbi Kristina Brown's father--Bobby Brown--isn't featured in this alleged reality show. In fact, it seems his sisters are the culprits here. If you recall, when Whitney Houston died, Leolah Brown accused Ray J of being responsible for her death. Bobby's sister Tina told a reporter she did crack with Whitney.

Some people can't do enough to get their faces and names on TV. But to sell out on a family member--a child, nonetheless--who is lying in a medically induced coma for over a month? That takes a brazen sense of self-entitlement that most human beings wouldn't consider.

Bobbi Kristina Brown reportedly doesn't appear in any of the reality show footage, but a 'debriefing' of sorts takes place each day at one of the sister's (the show might even involve one of Bobby Brown's brothers, too, as well as some nieces and/or nephews) homes.

Bobby Brown has since refuted TMZ's claims.

"Yet again, TMZ has chosen to engage in false news reporting. There is no Brown family reality show that is in production which chronicles Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina or the medical emergency she presently faces at Emory Hospital. These reports are irresponsible and Warner Brothers as the owner of TMZ, should be ashamed to publish such nonsense, particularly one day before Bobbi Kristina's birthday," an attorney for Bobby Brown said in a statement.

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been in a medically induced coma since January 31st. Her boyfriend Nick Gordon is under investigation for what is expected to have been a situation involving criminal activity.

Whether or not Bobbi Kristina Brown survives, it is unthinkable that she would be featured in any way in her family's reality show. Hopefully Bobby Brown--if he, in fact, isn't involved--will take legal action to put a stop to this kind of disrespect.

Who do you believe in this reality show situation? Do you think one is being films? Is Bobby Brown telling the truth or is he covering for his family members?

Kimberly Ripley
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