Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston Together in Peaceful Repose

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Bobbi Kristina Brown and her late mom Whitney Houston lie together in peaceful repose in a hospice facility outside of Atlanta. Bobbi Kristina is clinging to life beside a framed photo of her beloved mother, with whom she will be reunited soon.

Cissy Houston, Bobbi Kristina's grandmother, insisted the portrait of her late daughter grace the presence of her granddaughter at all times, so that Bobbi Kristina might feel her mother's love as she prepares to transition from one world to the next.

In the meantime, Bobbi Kristina Brown's cousin Jerod Brown tells the media the now 22-year-old was about to release her debut single. Her biggest aim in beginning a singing career was to make her late mom proud.

Bess Beckmann, a close childhood friend of Bobbi Kristina, told the Georgia Bureau of Investigation that Bobbi Kristina was planning to leave Georgia--and Nick Gordon--and start a brand new career. In fact, Bobbi Kristina shared that message via Twitter just days before she was discovered unconscious in the bathtub of her Roswell townhouse.

Is this further proof that Nick Gordon is behind Bobbi Kristina's present state? Was he jealous that she was moving to L.A. to start a singing career, and leaving him behind?

Nick Gordon was served with a $10 million civil lawsuit recently that alleges he physically and mentally abused Bobbi Kristina is the days leading up to her discovery in that bathtub. He also withdrew money from her bank account without permission. A sizable withdrawal was made after she was lying in a hospital bed in an induced coma.

Bobbi Kristina won't ever live her dream of having a singing career like Whitney Houston. She now lies in a bed at the Peachtree Christian Hospice where a photo of her mom rests beside her.

When Bobbi Kristina passes away, do you expect Nick Gordon will be charged with murder?

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